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All players are required to register to our competitions through the Netball Connect platform. 

Single Game Vouchers

All SGV must be purchased online prior to the player taking the court, to purchase a single game voucher you need to contact the club you are playing for or search through the netball connect app.

Club Registrations

If you are an individual that plays for a Club please contact your club and ask for their registration form link to our competitions. 

Entity Team Registrations

If you are part of an entity team and you are not affiliated with a club please refer to the Mid- Week Ladies, Walking Netball and Thursday Night Competition pages. 

For further details contact:  

The Netball Connect app is an easier way to manage, play, score, and spectate. 

  • Follow your favourite team, watch game scores update in real-time, view draws and ladders

  • Communicate with your team directly through the chat function

  • Register directly to competitions, purchase uniforms, merchandise, and products.

  • Allocated scorers score directly in the app, recording player attendance and statistics

Download the Netball Connect app via the Apple Store here, and for Android click here

NOTE: If you have played netball before you will have a Participant ID, please DO NOT create a new record. If you have forgotten your Participant ID or login password – Search for your record by entering Participant ID, Email Address or First name, Surname and Date of Birth. Your record should appear. Note, it does not matter if you have multiple entries with the same ID number. If there is no email address against your record you will need to contact us so we can add an email to your record If there is an email address against your record but you have not set up an online account please select the ‘Create Login’ button. Note, if there is already an ID using the same email address you can link the accounts by following the steps in the email. If there is an email address and an online account set up but you cannot remember your password select the ‘Reset Password’ button. If you do not receive an email please contact us to check the email address against your account. When you have reset your password please return to this NV membership page and click on the applicable link. Login using your participant ID or email and new password. Follow steps to purchase NV Membership.

To select the competition you are looking for, download the Netball Connect App Create a Login Click on “Draws” Click on the 2 dots in the top right-hand corner Click “Add a team” Search and select Whitehorse Netball Association Search your team (type your club name and it will give you all the teams as options) Select your team and add to “Watchlist”

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