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Whitehorse Netball Association is running another Fast 5 Tournament and we want you involved!!!

What is Fast 5?

Fast 5 is an exciting and fast paced game of netball. You only need 5 players on the court, the games are shorter than the average netball game AND there are some different exciting rules to a regular netball game.

Our Fast 5 tournament focuses on FUN! This is a great opportunity to grab some friends or family and create a team to play in this one day tournament. Teams can be all female or mixed. All ages are welcome and of any ability. So why not play!?!


Only $25 per person to enter.

All rules and regulations are attached to the registration sheet.

Interested in joining our Fast Five Tournament? All you need to do is find your team, nominate a team captain to complete the registration form and email it back to by June 19th.

Once your entry form has been sent in, you will receive a link in return for all players in your team to individually register themselves and pay.

Fast Five Entry Form

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email

Fast 5 Tournament March 2023.png
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