Score sheet help

The WNA has moved to a new competition module "MyNetball".  Please refer to the exmple scoresheet.

Example Score Sheet - Front

Example Score Sheet - Back

One person from each team to sit together and score.

Cross out the names of players not playing the game.  (Any name that appears on the sheet not belonging to the team will be reomoved on receipt of email from Club Secretary to WNA Secretary) 

To QUALIFY AS A PLAYER for the game.  Record the positions each player plays each quarter.

To REGISTER NEW PLAYERS.  Write their name on the front of the score sheet and enter all details on the back of the score sheet.

To RECORD A BORROWED PLAYER.  Write the player's name and team on the front of the score sheet.  Remember: If you borrow a player from a lower section to fill in, they can only play up twice in ANY higher section, on the third time they remain with the higher graded team.  This means they cannot play for their original team again that season.

Players must have current NV MEMBERSHIP or purchses a Single Game Voucher (SGV) at the netball window prior to taking that court.

INJURIES.  All injuries during the game are to be recorded and signed by the umpire on the back of the score sheet.


  • Your side of the score sheet is incomplete or incorrect (Player positions MUST be listed)
  • You fail to record the name and team of borrowed players on the front of the score sheet
  • Your fail to record new players on both the front and back of the score sheet
  • You play an ineligible player
  • Team/player is not in the correct uniform
  • Player does not have current NV Membership or has purchased a SGV