Thursday Night Ladder

Ladders after Rd 1

Secondary competition bylaws state you must record player attendance for those players who take the court. You must provide the name, address and date of birth of every player who you bring to the competition as a fill in. If they do not have NV membership, you must purchase a single game voucher (SGV) at the window. Players whose names are not marked receive no playing credit.  Do not mark any player who has not taken the court.

The position for finals is determined by the figures in the Net points column, that is after deduction of penalty points where

forfeit = loss of 4 points

playing illegal (unregistered) player = forfeit = loss of 4 points

uniform violations = loss of 1 point per out-of-uniform player

incorrect scorecards = loss of 1 point. Usually this is because incorrect or inadequate player details regarding VNA status have been provided.